World Professional Healers and Psychics league” (WPHPL) is a professional Society. It’s aim is to unite healers, extrasensory, medics, clergy, eniologists, psychologists, astrologers, valeologists and other specialists in the social sphere and science practicing in the Republic of Latvia and abroad to promote the achievement of sustainable development goals in the recovery of the society, education, and organization of the spiritual, moral and social life of the society.


We make a holistic diagnosis of human physical and subtle bodies and determine the factors that affect their condition


We heal people and help them understand themselves and find harmony


We educate those who want to heal themselves and others and make the world brighter

Our work is diversified

WPHPL invites all healers of the world to own ranks

Special Qualification Committee of the WPHPL performs testing on a regular basis and issues Certificates of international standard with the permit to practice all over the world

WPHPL establishes branches in every country of the world

WPHPL collects and systemizes the world experience in healing and traditional folk medicine


WPHPL places data about its members with the World Register of Healers and on its Internet page

WPHPL holds international forums and arranges trips to “Places of Force”

WPHPL confers special awards “for outstanding services in field of healing”

WPHPL invites the allied organizations and individuals concerned to co-operation